The Legacy of Flight 93
Let no American plane ever be hijacked again.

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In tribute to Flight 93:


When Flight 93 passengers learned of the crashes into the World Trade Center, they
flag flying at flgiht 93 crash site
An American flag flies at the crash site of Flight 93
chose to attack their hijackers at the risk of their lives so that they could save others.

Since some believe that Flight 93 had as its target the Congress or the White House, they saved more than lives.

It is impossible to imagine our horror had we been faced with not only the destruction of the World Trade Center but the Congress or the White House and those inside.

That is why the legacy of the Americans aboard Flight 93 must be preserved.

What Americans Can Do Right Now

As I was working to build this site as a tribute to those on Flight 93, our nation man waves flag as plane takes off was struggling to put our airlines back into operation. The thought on everyone's mind was how to prevent another hijacking.

In addition to every precaution being taken, here is what we can do to guarantee that no American plane will ever be hijacked again.

If millions of Americans accept the legacy of Flight 93 and speak out so that every potential hijacker and terrorist knows that they will face the same decision, that we will not allow our planes to be used to assault our country again, they will face us as the final and unforgiving line of defense as certainly as if they had invaded our country.

And by our voice we will let every potential terrorist and hijacker know that there are enough of us to guarantee that they will never, ever succeed again, for we bring on board and carry with us the Legacy of Flight 93.

Let that be our collective tribute to them.

Robert Young, Webmaster

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