The Legacy of Flight 93
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Profiles of courage:

Older Stories of United Flight 93
(Sept 2001 - March 2002)

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Seattle Post-Intelligencer 7/30/02
Book presents clues to doomed flight
Reprint of the NY Times article. May be on line longer.

Dateline NBC 7/30/02
Heroes of Flight 93
Astonishing new evidence about how a group of Americans stopped a terrorist attack on Sept. 11. [Based on Dateline broadcast interview of Jere Longman, author of new book just coming out. Excellent story. There is also a link to an excerpt from his book and to a video from the program.]

Time Magazine 7/28/02
The White-Collar Warrior
A book about Flight 93 introduces a new kind of hero for the civilians' war. (Viewpoint column by James Poniewozik)

New York Times 7/29/02
Cart Used to Retake Cockpit on Sept. 11, Book Suggests
WASHINGTON, July 29 -- An assistant United States attorney told relatives of people who died on United Flight 93, the hijacked jet that crashed in western Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, that he believed that the passengers had broken down the cockpit door with a food cart, a book being published on Tuesday says. [The book is Among the Heroes by Jere Longman, a reporter for The New York Times and published by HarperCollins.] NOTE: NY Times stories require subscription (free) and then available only 7 days.

Pittsburgh Post-Dispatch 7/23/02
U.S. House OKs Flight 93 memorial in Somerset County
Senate approval expected; completion possible in 5 years

Associated Press 7/23/02
House OKs Memorial to Flight 93
WASHINGTON (AP) - The House has voted to create a national memorial to commemorate the passengers and crew of the plane that was hijacked on Sept. 11 and crashed in the Pennsylvania countryside.

Pittsburgh Post-Dispatch 7/16/02
Flight 93 ceremony planners put to test
Crowd, security, tone make task daunting. (Story about Shanksville preparing for the first anniversary of the crash on Sept. 11.) (photo)
Reprinted in the Knoxville News-Sentinel

ESPN.COM 7/11/02
Flight 93 passengers selected for Ashe Award
LOS ANGELES -- Four passengers who died on Flight 93 during the Sept. 11 attacks were honored with the ESPY's Arthur Ashe Courage Award on Wednesday night. Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham, Tom Burnett and Jeremy Glick all had sports backgrounds and were recognized Wednesday night at the ESPY Awards. Actor Dennis Franz presented the award to each of the families, while actor Tom Hanks did the voice-over for a moving video tribute that was shown during the ceremony. [photo of family of Beamer, Bingham, Burnett and Glick]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 7/11/02
Flight 93 memorial may take five years
Update on the process to bring a memorial to Shanksville.

Cumberland (MD) Times-News 7/04/02
Shanksville celebrates with Living Flag
Moving story with excellent photo of the American flag that Shanksville created with 273 people wearing red, white and blue, to honor Flight 93, at their 4th of July tribute. The photo is also preserved here at this site.

Sacramento Bee 7/04/02
Residents near Flight 93 site remember with parades, memorials of Sept. 11 crash
SHANKSVILLE, Pa. (AP) - Dozens of residents trekked Thursday to the temporary memorial of photos, flowers and flags on a hillside overlooking the Flight 93 crash site to remember passengers who made the ultimate sacrifice on Sept. 11.

The Baltimore Sun 7/05/02
Shanksville feels shivers at its first July 4 parade
Pride: The crash of United Airlines Flight 93 and the other events of Sept. 11 meant that this Fourth of July would be different in the Pennsylvania town.

The UK Independent 7/05/02
For the people of 'Forgotten Ground Zero', this was a day like no other
A report of Shanksville's Fourth of July, written for a British newspaper.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 7/05/02
Heroes saluted, USA celebrated at crash site of Flight 93
SHANKSVILLE, Pa. -- This village in the middle of nowhere became a center of patriotism yesterday. Shanksville, linked forever with the terror of Sept. 11, staged its first Independence Day Parade on a postcard-perfect day. [Photo of wreath]

Yahoo News 7/04/02
Small Town Celebrates Bittersweet Fourth of July
SHANKSVILLE, Pa. (Reuters) - The tiny borough of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where the hijacked United Flight 93 dived into the earth last Sept. 11, was pulling out all the stops to celebrate Independence Day for the first time in its 173-year history. [Photo of parade]

New York Times 6/25/02
Somerset Journal: Yearning for Calm Where Sept. 11 Terror Intruded
SOMERSET, Pa., June 25 - Wallace E. Miller is gently slouching in the back room of his family funeral parlor, wondering what he possibly can have left to tell the living about the dead. Mr. Miller, the Somerset County coroner, is the featured speaker at this year's Fourth of July gathering over in Shanksville, the one-store hamlet where one of the terrorist planes of Sept. 11 crashed to earth....He now is groping for something palpable in the blur of memories he has accumulated since the deadly intrusion from the sky. [photo of Miller]

San Francisco Chronicle 6/28/02
Proud mom of hero: She'll march in gay fete to honor son on Flight 93
Since the United Airlines plane carrying her son Mark Bingham, 40 other passengers and crew members and three hijackers went down in a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, Alice Hoglan's life has been transformed. [several photos]

San Francisco Chronicle 6/26/02
Gay rugby teams hold tournament in 9/11 hero's honor
Mark Bingham to be honored with trophy carrying his name

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 6/12/02
Flight 93 widow visits Quaker Valley school
As Lisa Beamer left Quaker Valley Middle School in Sewickley yesterday, she carried a small, silver pin from Lacey Gerle, an eighth-grade pupil. [photo - click it to enlarge]

San Jose (CA) Mercury-News 6/5/02
Flight 93 victim's family leaves San Ramon for Arkansas
SAN RAMON, Calif. (AP) - The crash of United Flight 93 on Sept. 11 not only robbed Deena Burnett of her husband -- the ripples have forced her to sell her house here and move with three daughters home to Arkansas.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 6/7/02
Flight 93 hero's wife to appear at school
Lisa Beamer, whose husband, Todd, died in the Sept. 11 crash of United Airlines Flight 93, will visit Quaker Valley Middle School in Sewickley on Tuesday to accept the money pupils there raised for the children of Flight 93 passengers.

CNN 5/31/02
Giuliani: 9/11 binds Pennsylvania town, NYC
SHANKSVILLE, Pennsylvania (Reuters) -- Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani told a tiny Pennsylvania class of graduating high school seniors on Friday that they became inextricably bound to New York and Washington when United Airlines Flight 93 crashed near their school during the Sept. 11 attacks. Photo

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 6/1/02
Giuliani addresses Somerset County graduates
New York City's former mayor addressed the Somerset County school district's students and visited the makeshift memorial. Photo.

SF Gate 5/28/02
Terror victims remembered in first Memorial Day since Sept. 11; many visit Flight 93 crash site
On a holiday normally reserved for remembering the nation's war dead, victims of the Sept. 11 attacks were given a place of honor alongside soldiers who died in battle. Scores of people on Monday visited the western Pennsylvania field where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed after an apparent struggle between hijackers and passengers. [A shorter version of the same AP story also appeared at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 5/28/02]

CBS News 5/23/02
White House Was Flight 93 Target
(CBS) A high-ranking al Qaeda detainee told investigators the intended target of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed into a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, was the White House. [photo]

CNN 5/23/02
White House target of Flight 93, officials say
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. officials said Thursday captured senior al Qaeda leader Abu Zubaydah has told them hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 was intended to hit the White House on September 11.

CNN 5/25/02
Flight 93 passenger remembered as a hero
Thomas Burnett, Jr., a Minnesota native was hailed as a hero and remembered at a memorial service Friday for his role in helping to thwart the hijacking of United Flight 93 on September 11. [photo]

Sun Newspapers (MN) 5/15/02
Family says cockpit tape confirms impressions of Flight 93 struggle
The family of Thomas Burnett Jr., the Bloomington native who died aboard the hijacked United Flight 93 on Sept. 11, says that hearing a cockpit voice recorder of the plane's last minutes confirmed their initial impression -- that he died a hero, struggling to retake the plane from the hijackers.

Sun Newspapers (MN) 5/15/02
Burnett family discusses Flight 93 conversation
Deena Burnett has constructed a transcript of conversations she had with her husband while the aircraft was still in the air. Much of the conversations have never been made public. Burnett's parents, Thomas Sr. and Beverly, made the transcript available to the Sun-Current last week.

San Francisco Chronicle 5/24/02
Games to honor hero
Rugby cup named after Mark Bingham. Few paragraphs mention in column by Leah Garchik.

Contra Costa (CA) Times 5/21/02
Sept. 11 hero inspires kids' song
Sonali Beaven was the guest of honor at an all-school singalong honoring her father, Alan, and the other passengers who died trying to overcome terrorist hijackers aboard United Flight 93.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (AP) 5/23/02
Flight that crashed in Pa. aimed for White House, terrorist claims
WASHINGTON -- Authorities have received new information suggesting that the hijackers of United Flight 93, the plane that crashed in Western Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, intended to slam the plane into the White House, government sources said yesterday. [Same story at Washington Post and New York Times. No photos.]

Boston.Com 5/20/02
Volunteers sweep field for additional wreckage and remains of hijacked United Flight 93
SHANKSVILLE, Pa. (AP) Volunteers crawled or walked side by side through a western Pennsylvania field in what could be the last search for debris and human remains from the crash of hijacked United Flight 93.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 5/18/02
Flight 93 memorial unveiled
It is appropriate that the caring and consoling hands of Shanksville residents are the central theme of a 7 1/2-foot-tall bronze statue unveiled Friday in the tiny Somerset County community, said Christine Fraser of Elizabeth, N.J., whose sister was killed when United Flight 93 crashed Sept. 11. [photos]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 5/18/02
Relatives of Flight 93 victims witness unveiling of sculpture
Officials unveiled a 7 1/2-foot steel sculpture that was created by Lawrenceville metal artist Jan Loney and local students as a tribute to the community's response to the crash of Flight 93. [No photo]

Pittsburgh News Channel 5/14/02
Shanksville Seeks 'Living Flag' Volunteers
A community wants to organize a "living flag" tribute to heroes of United Airlines Flight 93, as well as emergency workers who responded to the scene of the Sept. 11 crash. The trouble is, 260 volunteers are needed for the July 4 event and only 245 people live in Shanksville. [Organizers report that, due to the great response, all 260 places in the flag have now been filled. Please don't send any more registration forms]

Washington Post 5/12/02
Hallowed Ground
Nobody asked for this, but as September 11 recedes, a small Pennsylvania town finds itself guardian of an American legend. [An exceptionally long and moving article. One photo.]

Eureka Times-Standard 5/4/02
Refuge center officially dedicated for Sept. 11 hero
LOLETA -- Thick Humboldt County cloud cover broke up as a crowd of more than 300 settled into their seats and heard testimony on the life and work of Richard Guadagno, the late manager of the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge killed in a heroic attempt to thwart hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001. The group gathered for the dedication of the new refuge headquarters, which has been named after him.[Photo]

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat 5/3/02
Wildlife refuge honors Flight 93 hero
Richard Guadagno's first and biggest project during his year and half in charge of the Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge was overseeing the construction of a headquarters and visitors center. The center is now named after him. [Map showing refuge location]

New Jersey Online 5/5/02
Beamer praised at ceremony
CRANBURY - If terrorists had not hijacked Flight 93 on Sept. 11, David and Andrew Beamer probably would have played baseball under the hot May sun with their parents in the family's back yard here, their mother said. Instead, the boys, ages 4 and 2 respectively, stood with their mom, Lisa, and Gov. James E. McGreevey as officials dedicated the township post office to their dad, Todd, who has been hailed as a national hero for helping to bring down the doomed flight without hitting any potential targets.

CNN 5/4/02
New Jersey post office honors Flight 93 hero
CRANBURY, New Jersey (AP) -- As his tearful widow urged onlookers to remember the victims of terrorism, the Cranbury post office was renamed Saturday for Todd Beamer, who uttered the words "Let's roll" before he died on a hijacked flight Sept. 11. Cranbury is Beamer's home town. [photo of Lisa Beamer]

Reuters News Service 5/1/02
Neil Young Gets Passionate on New Solo Album
The album features his tribute to Flight 93 and he talks about it. {For more at this site, click here.]

Daily Standard 4/29/02
Memorializing Flight 93
The government isn't quite sure how to remember the heroes of Flight 93, but readers have some excellent ideas. [Followup article by Jonathan V. Last, online editor of the Weekly Standard]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 4/23/02
Policy limits activities at Flight 93 crash site
Somerset County officials are implementing several new policies aimed at preventing commercialization of the temporary memorial.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 4/21/02
'It hurt to listen'
The widow of Edward Felt describes pain of hearing 911 call from her husband on Flight 93. [Photos]

San Francisco Chronicle 4/21/02
The voice of the survivors Flight 93, fight to hear tape transformed her life
Two days after hearing the tape, Deena Burnett visits the crash site. [Photos]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 4/19/02
Flight 93 families hear cockpit tape
'It was excrutiating,' but 'it was wonderful in a strange and odd way.' -- Alice Hoglan. [Photo]

Washington Post 4/19/02
Families Hear Flight 93's Final Moments
Most Say Cockpit Recording Lifted Their Spirits and Confirmed Victims' Bravery [Photo]

New York Times 4/19/02
Families Say Tapes Verify Talk of Valor
[Requires subscription, which is free.]

USA Today 4/19/02
For relatives Flight 93 tape confirms heroism

Philadelphia Inquirer 4/19/02
Families: Flight 93 tape proof of heroism
After hearing the cockpit tape, some took comfort in knowing their relatives died gallantly on Sept. 11. [Photo]

San Francisco Chronicle 4/19/02
Courage and chaos on Flight 93 tape
Families hear revolt, but some questions go unanswered. [Photo]

USA Today 4/18/02
Flight 93 tape haunts, intrigues
They have traveled far and wide to hear a tape they know will scare, upset and confuse them, make their hearts race and their palms sweat. A tape that could cause nightmares, destroy comforting illusions, and raise questions rather than answers. [Photo]

San Francisco Chronicle 4/18/02
FINAL MOMENTS: For many families, the only thing worse than hearing the unsettling recording from Flight 93 would be not hearing their loved ones' ...
Washington -- Catherine Stefani knows she won't get much comfort tomorrow when the FBI plays the tape of the last moments of hijacked United Airlines Flight 93. [Photos]

Los Angeles Times 4/18/02
Hearing the Last of Lost Lives
The US is allowing the families of Flight 93's victims to hear cockpit voice tapes. Investigators who harden themselves to bitter reality will share their inner sanctum. [A shorter version is at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.]

New York Times 4/18/02
Flight 93 Cockpit Tape To Be Played
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- Jeremy Glick's family never doubted he died a hero. Minutes before United Airlines Flight 93 crashed on Sept. 11, Glick called his wife and described passengers' plans to fight their hijackers. But for relatives of most passengers, the first chance to hear the flight's final minutes was to come Thursday when federal officials were to play the cockpit recording at two private sessions in Princeton. [Requires subscribing, which is free. Article goes to archives after 7 days.]

Washington Post 4/17/02
Pilots Assail Plan to Play Flight 93 Voice Recording
Many airline pilots and aviation experts are upset by the FBI's decision to allow victims' families to hear the cockpit voice recording from hijacked United Airlines Flight 93, fearing it could set a precedent that would allow such tapes to be used in a variety of ways after future airline crashes, officials said. [Tape is to be played 4/18.]

Washington Post 4/13/02
Tour of Duty
Chuck Fluent, 51, a disabled Vietnam War veteran is walking across the country - twice - to collect people's thoughts on Sept. 11 and raise money for a memorial in Shanksville, Pa., where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed. Photo. [Post stories go into paid archives after two weeks.]

USA Today 4/11/02
Neil Young is passionate about 9/11 anthem; Longer album version of rocker's singular 'Let's Roll' is out this week
Breaking a silence he's maintained since writing the song last November, Young says he wanted to recognize "an unbelievable pure act of heroism" in an emotional but apolitical manner. He was particularly moved by reports that passengers had taken a vote before acting, upholding democratic ideals in the midst of crisis. [Read more here and listen to the song by clicking here.]

Pittsburgh Pirates Web page 4/5/02
Flight 93 family members to throw out first pitch
As part of the Pirates salute to heroes during Monday's Opening Day pre-game festivities, seven family members honoring three Flight 93 passengers will throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Verizon News Center 4/2/02
Verizon Honors Employee for Her Assistance to United Passenger Todd Beamer during Sept. 11 Terrorist Attack
Verizon Airfone Supervisor Lisa Jefferson was the one who took Todd's call when he said, "Let's Roll." Photo of Ms. Jefferson.

Daily Standard 3/28/02
Honoring Flight 93
The heroes of Flight 93 died protecting America. They deserve more than a highway and a plaque. Column by Jonathan V. Last, on-line editor of the Weekly Standard.

New York Times 3/27/02
Cockpit Tape Offers Few Answers but Points to Heroic Efforts
Access requires free registration.
A chilling but stirring extensive story detailing what is on the tape that families will hear on 4/18 plus other information about the final minutes of the flight.

Washington Post 3/25/02
Pa. Crash Site Finding Its Place in History
Large story with photo of the new the crash site.

San Francisco Chronicle 3/23/02
Flight 93 tape feared, welcomed by families
The FBI has agreed to let relatives of those who died aboard hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 hear the cockpit recording of the final horrifying minutes before the plane smashed into a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11.
Click here for the 3/25 Boston Globe story.
Click her for AP 3/25 story.
Click here for Washington Post story 3/26.

San Francisco Chronicle 3/23/02
School to get a hero's name; Flight 93 pilot was a graduate of San Jose's Hillsdale Elementary
A San Jose CA school is being renamed after Capt. Jason Dahl. (photos and map of school location)

Associated Press 3/12/02
Memorial Service Held For Flight 93
SHANKSVILLE, Pa. (AP) - Hundreds of people crammed into a small church Monday to honor victims of United Flight 93, the plane that crashed in rural Pennsylvania on Sept. 11 after passengers apparently attempted to regain control of the hijacked aircraft. (Photo and video) Another photo at another page.

Reuters News Service 3/12/02
Tolling Bells Recall Fate of Flight 93 'Heroes'
SHANKSVILLE, Pa. - The mournful toll of church bells on Monday recalled the moment when United Airlines Flight 93 plunged into a lonely Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, as passengers and crew battled hijackers to prevent the Boeing 757 from being used as a giant terrorist bomb.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3/12/02
In Shanksville, a grieving mother finds comfort
On a day when she would have been welcomed to ceremonies at the White House, tiny, white-haired Philomena Nacke came instead to visit a lonesome knoll here. (photo)

Philadelphia Enquirer 3/10/02
Where Flight 93 crashed, a sense of purpose
In an instant [Shanksville] this village of 245 people, 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, was thrust onto the national stage.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3/10/02
Cleric says others need payments more than he
Like other spouses and relatives of United Flight 93's passengers and crew, the Rev. Paul Britton has spent much of the past six months grieving for his sister and wrapping up the loose ends of her life. (with photo)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3/10/02
In the aftermath of loss 'they take the burden': Group helps bereaved navigate paperwork
Already reeling from the death of her husband on United Flight 93, the last thing Melodie Homer needed was to fiddle with paperwork so she and her daughter, Laurel, 1, could stay afloat financially.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3/10/02
Flight 93 families must choose: settlement or suit
"To put a price tag on his life," Deena Burnett said, "is impossible." (with photo)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3/10/02
Critics say Victim Compensation Fund gives too much to lower-income families
Several aviation attorneys said they believed Flight 93 families were in a unique position to successfully sue United Airlines, primarily because of the circumstances of the crash.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3/9/02
Flight 93 memorial takes wing
Legislation is introduced to create a national memorial at the Sept. 11 crash site of United Flight 93 in Somerset County.

Washington Times 3/9/02
Park status sought for Flight 93 site
A Pennsylvania congressman yesterday vowed to push to designate as a national park the area where United Airlines Flight 93 went down.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3/9/02
Somerset County tries to heal from Sept. 11
With events ranging from church services to tolling bells to exhortations on recovery, Somerset commemorates the half-year anniversary of the crash of Flight 93.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2/26/02
Flight 93 victims going home
The traces of humanity that could be found and identified after months of painstaking work are now going home.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 1/18/02
The best of the American spirit met evil head-on and won
Scratch a cynic and you find a romantic.

NBC's Salt Lake City Olympics site (no date)
Flame held high for Flight 93 hero: Widow hands torch to New York City firefighter Parenty
Lyz Glick carries torch in New York City

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1/16/02
Post office in New Jersey named for hero on Sept. 11 hijacked plane
Todd Beamer is recognized.

CNN 1/11/02
Flight 93 widow, baby girl leave hospital
Lisa Beamer has a baby girl. Short CNN story but it has a photo.

Hollywood Reporter 1/9/02
'Flight 93' film on way to CBS
It was only a matter of time. Hollywood is making it for TV. (Need to subscribe to get full story.)

CNN 1/1/02
Cherishing a band of gold: Wedding ring found in wreckage consoles Flight 93 widow
Also on the page is a link to a video interview with Dorothy Garcia, showing the package that was given to her and a profile about husband Andy.

New Zealand Herald 12/31/01
Time to stop the hatred, says September 11 widow
Kimi Beaven is driving down a California freeway. A love song plays and she starts crying. It is less than four months since her husband, New Zealander Alan Beaven, died when the hijacked plane he was on crashed on September 11, killing all on board.

Wall St. Journal Opinion 12/28/01
Let's Roll: The salvation of Flight 63 is the legacy of Flight 93
Moving editorial in their "Review & Outlook" section about how the legacy of Flight 93 was proven when the man with the shoe bomb was stopped by passengers last week.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12/30/01
Flight 93 victims' effects to go back to families
Example: FBI agents presented the wedding ring and wallet of passenger Andrew Garcia to his wife, Dorothy, in Portola Valley, Calif.

Time Magazine 12/31/01
The Team Player: Todd Beamer
Part of Time's "Gallery of Heroes" for the Person of the Year issue. 12/28/01
Video: Flight 93 victim 'embraced life'
(Link to it - now at main page - may move): Jack Grandcolas tells CNN's Rusty Dornin his pregnant wife Lauren had no fear when she called from hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 11/9/01
Jennifer Glick: Jeremy's Heroes foundation commemorates brother
Transcript of chat room interview, with photo

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12/29/01
Editorial: Heroes all / Passengers on Flight 93 honored for their courage
Rather than single out individuals on United Flight 93 for acts of heroism on Sept. 11, the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission has designated every passenger on the doomed flight a hero, and has allocated $100,000 for aid to the victims' families.
[The Fund has a Web site at]

Philadelphia Inquirer Daily Magazine 12/25/01
Where Heroes Lie (With photos.)
Shanksville, Pa. - The wind drives horizontal sleet across the Laurel Mountains on the edge of a filled-in strip mine. Rosary beads dangle from nails on a seven-foot crucifix planted in the ground. Suspended in the frigid air by 30-m.p.h. gusts, tiny crosses twist and black beads flutter, part of a makeshift memorial created by strangers and locals.
[NOTE: last in a weekly series about September 11. The Inquirer archives their material after 7 days so it may disappear by 1/1/02.]

USA Today 12/23/01
Crash forever alters tiny rural Pennsylvania town
Includes gallery of 15 photos of Shanksville and its people

CNN 12/21/01
FBI won't release Flight 93 tape
Deena Burnett, wife of passenger Mark Burnett, has been asking the FBI to let her hear the cockpit tape.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12/20/01
Flight 93 remains yield no evidence
The crash decimated all human remains so badly that investigators can't say if any of the 44 people aboard were killed before the aircraft went down, the FBI has told the county coroner.

Life Magazine book tribute to 9/11
Heroism Large and Small: Taking Back the Plane
An excerpt from Life's forthcoming book focuses on Flight 93 with a new photo of Jeremy Glick and his daughter

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12/16/01
Flight 93's Beamer inspires song by Neil Young

New York Daily News 12/12/01
Hard Times for Hero's Wife
Lyzbeth Glick struggles while the charities disregard her because Jeremy didn't die in the WTC

The Guardian (UK) 12/02/01
"Let's roll..." The real story of Flight 93
Todd Beamer was a religious family man. Mark Bingham was gay, a PR executive and a keen sportsman. Cockpit recordings from 11 September now show how these two very different men became heroes of America.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12/10/01
Flight 93 memorial discussed
More than 200 people attended a town meeting last night at Shanksville-Stonycreek High School in Somerset County to discuss building a memorial to the victims of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in the rural community Sept. 11.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12/09/01
Process to begin for memorial to 40 on Flight 93
Relatives of those who died on Flight 93 will join Somerset County residents to discuss building a memorial to the 40 passengers and crew members.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12/07/01
Dispatcher honored for Flight 93 efforts
Westmoreland County 911 dispatcher who took a cell phone call from a frantic passenger aboard hijacked United Airlines Flight 93

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12/01/01
Bracelets to honor victims of terrorism on Flight 93
And for funding memorial at the site.

Newsweek (at MSNBC site) 12/03/01 (mag date)
The Real Story of Flight 93
Extensive story with photos and audio file

San Francisco Chronicle 11/24/01
A call to arms for airline passengers: Anti-hijacking movement takes flight
Not directly about Flight 93 but inspired by them

San Diego Union-Tribune 11/22/01
Thankful time with dad
Son of Alan Beaven remembers his father

Newsminute Web site 11/09/01 (Washington Times)
Bush Tells America, 'Let's Roll'
Bush invokes last words of Todd Beamer

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 11/4/01
Flight 93 black box under wraps
Because the crash was a criminal act, little information is being released.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 10/28/01
Flight 93: From chaos to courage
A 10-page special edition devoted to Flight 93 that includes a biography and photo of every crew member and passenger. This is the fullest and most complete story published to date.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 10/28/01
Post-Gazette coverage of the crash of Flight 93
A full index of all PPG stories to date as part of their special edition.

USA Today Web site 10/24/01
Flight 93's final moments: A struggle and screams
Authorities say it has been difficult to decipher the flight's final minutes because of the chaos captured by the cockpit voice recorder.

SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle) Web site 10/22/01
Gay hero emerges from terrorist attacks: Passenger who fought back aboard Flight 93
Despite his lifestyle, Mark Bingham's role has been embraced by liberals and conservatives

US News Web site 10/29/01
Final words from Flight 93
Family members share the painful calls from the passengers who fought back
(article is now archived)

CNN Web site 10/19/01
Hero's widow flies; She takes same United flight
The pregnant widow of Todd Beamer makes a statement; photos

Star-Ledger (NJ) Web site 10/4/01
They're friends, with calamity in common - Left by the heroes of Flight 93 to carry on
Moving column by Bob Braun on those that the heroes of Flight 93 left behind

AP wire at the Nando Times Web site 10/3/01
Passengers on United Flight 93 most likely saved lives on ground, FBI official testifies
Deputy Assistant FBI Director for counterterrorism before the House Intelligence Committee's subcommittee on terrorism and homeland security

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 10/3/01
Latest Somerset crash site findings may yield added IDs
With additional information on refilling the site

Sacramento (CA) Bee Web site 9/30/01
A spiritual journey aborted on Flight 93
A tribute to passenger Alan Beaven

SF Gate Web site 9/30/01
Best friends among heroes on Flight 93; Sisters-in law led quiet lives of good deeds
Tribute to passengers Patricia Cushing and Jane Folger

Sen. John McCain's Web site 9/22/01
Eulogy in Honor of Mark Bingham, Delivered by Senator John McCain

ABC News Web site 9/21/01
Rising to the Occasion: Experts Look at What Causes Heroism
The passengers on Flight 93 are used as a model

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 9/25/01
FBI ends site work, says no bomb used

USA Today Web site 9/24/01
Passengers likely halted attack on DC

Seattle Times Web site 9/23/01
Editorial: The Age of Heroism

MSNBC Newsweek Web site 9/22/01
The Final Moments of United Flight 93
Well-written narrative bringing together what is known to date

USA Today Web site 9/21/01
United Flight 93 victims at a glance
Short bios and photos

New York Times Web site 9/22/01
Tape reveals wild struggle on Flight 93

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 9/23/01
Families, strangers remember Flight 93

Chambersburg PA Public Opinion Web site 9/22/01
Airliner's gash brings town together
[Chambersburg is about 80 miles east of the crash site]

CNN Web site 9/22/01
Recorder reveals details of Flight 93 struggle

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 9/22/01
13-minute call bonds her forever with hero
(Also has large segment on calls made from the plane.)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 9/21/01
Cockpit tapes could yield key clues to Flight 93

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 9/20/01
Stoic father visits crash site of Flight 93 to say thanks

Los Angeles Times Web site 9/20/01
Takeoff Delay May Have Been Vital for Flight 93 Hijacking: Passengers had a chance to learn of trade center crashes and decide to fight back

New York Daily News Web site 9/13/01
N.J. Hero's Call: I Love You, We're Going to Stop Them

National Review Web site 9/17/01
War Hero: At a time like this America needs heroes. One can be found in Jeremy Glick.

MSNBC Web site 9/14/01
Jane Pauley with the Jeremy Glick family
Includes link to a 2.5 minute video

CNN Sports Illustrated Web site 9/19/01
Four of A Kind

CNN Web site 9/1901 with new photos
Calls indicate Flight 93 passengers went down fighting

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 9/20/01
Flight 93 crash site touted as memorial to victims

New York Times Web site 9/18/01
44 Victims Are Remembered, and Lauded

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 9/19/01
Support of strangers in Somerset County a boost to survivors of Flight 93 victims

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 9/18/01
First Lady meets with families near crash site

New York Post Web site 9/14/01
Editorial: Heroes In The Sky

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 9/14/01
Prayers Memorialize Flight 93 Victims

USA Today Web site 9/14/01
Flight 93 passengers may have fought to the end

Washington Post Web site 9/13/01
Bid to thwart hijackers may have led to PA crash

Washington Post Web site 9/12/01
Passenger's actions may have helped curb tragedy

San Francisco Chronicle Web site 9/13/01
Passengers on SF flight died heroes
Families tell how loved ones threw hijackers off course

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Web site 9/17
The phone line from Flight 93 was still open when a GTE operator heard Todd Beamer say: 'Are you guys ready? Let's roll'

MSNBC Web site
"Let's roll," Flight 93 victim heard to say minutes before crash

New York Times 9/13/01
On doomed flight, passengers vowed to perish fighting

CNN Web site 9/13/01
Passengers voted to attack the hijackers

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