The Legacy of Flight 93
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Profiles of courage:

Former Stories of United Flight 93

These are stories that were once on line.
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Boston Globe 3/12/02
Tributes honor Flight 93 bravery
SHANKSVILLE, Pa. - At 10:06 a.m. yesterday, church bells began to toll slowly in honor of each victim aboard Flight 93, the only one of four airliners hijacked on Sept. 11 that was not flown into a building.

Los Angeles Times 3/9/02
National Memorial Sought for 9/11 Pa. Crash Site
The rural Pennsylvania field where a hijacked jetliner crashed Sept. 11 would become the site of a national memorial under legislation proposed Friday by Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.).

Los Angeles Times 3/8/02
Plan for Flight 93 Memorial Unveiled
Alice Hoglan whose son, Mark Bingham, was one of the victims in the crash of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, wants a memorial that will be a place of "reverence and peace."

CNN 3/8/02
Goldie Hawn to do movie about Flight 93
Goldie Hawn has partnered with basic-cable network FX to develop a movie about the passengers of United Flight 93.

Los Angeles Times Web site 11/22/01
Those Who Seized the Moment
Flight 93's passengers have become more than heroes. They're also symbols of the nation's will to take action.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Web site 10/12/01?
Many favor permanent memorial

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Web site 10/11/01?
Planning begins for Flight 93 memorial

Baltimore Sun Web site 10/11/01
The Other Ground Zero

Sacramento Bee Web site 10/6/01?
A father's grief, hope in song of Flight 93

San Jose Mercury-News Web site 9/24/01
Flight 93 victim remembered for humor, hard work
Tribute to passenger Andrew "Sonny" Garcia

Sacramento (CA) Bee Web site 9/22/01
Heroic passenger, candidate for Gold Medal eulogized by McCain - moved to their paid archives

CNN Web site 9/21/01
Passengers urged to defend planes
Story of Flight 564 with another passenger's view added

Dallas Morning News Web site 9/20/01
Editorial: Honor the heroes - Flight 93 passengers deserve medal

Miami Herald Web site 9/20/01
Final heroic act not forgotten by the many saved
Includes posthumous email address for Jeremy Glick for messages

Washington Times Web site 9/19/01
Aboard Flight 564
Passenger Peter Hannaford recounts how the pilot told passengers how to thwart any hijacking plan
moved to Washington Times paid archives

UExpress Web site, posted 9/17/01
What we fight to protect

Slate Web site, posted 9/13/01
Unthinkable, Unstoppable
was at

AP story at the New York Times Web site 9/20/01
Attorney General Ashcroft Visits Crash Site

Los Angeles Times Web site 9/13/01
"We're going to rush the hijackers"

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