The Legacy of Flight 93
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Links to Other Sites

Dedicated to the memory of those on Flight 93

 * Alan Beaven
Contains links to a memorial site and a fund set up in his name.
 * Deora Bodley Memorial Site
Established by her father, Derrill. Has Flash opening.
 * Edward P. Felt Memorial Foundation
Provides scholarships to students in the fields of science, mathematics, and computer engineering. Established in cooperation with his wife, Sandra.
 * Flight Attendants Memorial
To those on Flight 93, at the Flight Attendants Web site
 * Hilda Marcin Flight 93 Charitable Memorial Fund
To aid children in need of assistance.
 * Jeremy's Heroes
Financial support and assistance to school-age children to encourage their ability to participate and succeed in athletics. Established in cooperation with Jeremy Glick's wife, Lyzbeth.
 * Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas Foundation
A non-profit group established by family and friends to fund charitable projects benefiting children's and women's health, education and welfare.
 * LeRoy W. Homer, Jr. Foundation
To help those who want to pursue aviation careers. Established in cooperation with his wife, Melodie.
 * Mark
Tribute site created by friends.
 * Nicole Miller Memorial
Created by family and friends, with testimonials
 * Todd M. Beamer Foundation
Official site dedicated to helping orphaned Flight 93 children
 * Tom Burnett Family Foundation
Established by his wife Deena, it seeks to help children who have lost loved ones.

Sites directly related to Flight 93. They were valid when posted.

 * The Official Flight 93 Memorial Web Site
Commissioned by the Somerset County Commissioners, Somerset, PA
 * Hearts of Steel
Bracelets to remember Flight 93 and raise funds for the memorial
 * Flight 93 Memorial - created and maintained by Rock Creek Jr/Sr High School in St. George, Kansas. There is much at the site. Be sure to include the photos of the makeshift memorials.
 * Memorial Quilt
Offers biography of each person and photos of most, at Newsday site.
 * Shanksville memorial photos
Amateur photos of the area and spontaneous memorials
 * "Let's Roll" song
Before Neil Young recorded his by the same name, Barry Preston of Nashville paid his tribute and create a Web site for his song
 * We Remember Flight 93
Biographies, articles and links to other sites
 * Petition for Congressional Medal
 * In Memory of Jeremy Glick - His employer, Vividence, has a page with information on a memorial fund
 * Crash Site Photos
At the PA Dept of Environmental Services site. Back up to the photo menu for more.

Other Tributes to Flight 93

 * Song: Let's Roll, America
You can hear the song by Tony and Shanne' (pronounced Sha-Nay), a brother-sister duo out of Oklahoma.

Not about Flight 93 but related

 * The September 11 Digital Archive
Organized by the American Social History Project at the City University of New York Graduate Center and the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, this is a growing project to find and save the histories of September 11, from first-person stories to photographs.
 * Somerset County Chamber of Commerce
With information about the area, accommodations and memorial work
 * Online memorials for attack victims Miami Herald 9/18, mentioning this site
 * Flight Watch - Promoting the role of passengers in air security.

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