The Legacy of Flight 93
Captain Jason Dahl
Capt. Jason Dahl

Thomas Burnett
Thomas Burnett

Mark Bingham
Mark Bingham

Jeremy Glick holding and kissing his 12-week-old daughter, Emerson
Jeremy Glick and daughter, Emerson

Todd Beamer
Todd Beamer

"Our best chance is to fight these people, rather than accept it." - Jeremy Glick in a call to his wife minutes before the crash

"Don't worry. We're going to do something." - Thomas Burnett in a call to his wife minutes before the crash

"Are you guys ready? Let's roll!" - Todd Beamer's last words, minutes before the crash

"They were heroes. From what we know, this plane was headed for another strategic target." - FBI Special Agent Andy Black

"It is a day to remember that this Capitol would have been struck a year ago today but for the heroism of the people on the flight that went down in Pennsylvania." - House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt

"When you think of it, it was our first victory against the terrorist threat." - Brother of Edward Felt, at a memorial service
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